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I return this time to share about a small technical symbol that you would find appearing in all quality laminate & wood floorings (engineered and solids) but mostly not understood.

It is called ‘E 1′.

Laminate flooring vs engineered flooring.

Satinder Chawla

This is a common question: which is best, engineered or laminate flooring. The immediate answer to the question is that both of them are equally perfect in their own way and for their own use:

Both are alternates for Solid wood floors, both move (expand and contract) less than solid wood and both look nice! However like everything, they have their pro’s and con’s.

What laminate flooring is:
Laminate flooring is basically a photograph of a hardwood plank, laminated and stuck onto composite wood material, yes, underneath it is real wood.

A Breakthrough Invention!

Satinder Chawla

Recently we have introduced a new product based on a very simple yet powerful idea.

It is called Elastilon!! The product comes from Eindhoven, Netherlands (the hometown of Phillips, the consumer electronics giant) from a veteran of wood flooring business. Mr. Fred Van Bers, The man behind the invention, has been in wood floors business since 1967…. he noticed the issues that would crop up in case their was too much moisture in the air or the sub floor where a wood floor was installed.

Keep Your Wood Floor Fit!!

Satinder Chawla

Did you know that you can keep your wood/laminate floor in best shape by simple, easy to apply methods?? The issues that customers sometime bring out are:

# The floor has lost its natural shine (whatever that may be when it was new) looks dull…

# The edges of the individual planks look raised, particularly, in the case of laminate floors, when the curtains are open

# The floor joints/texture have accumulated dirt

Importance of Subfloors

Satinder Chawla

This is a subject that demands attention!

I have been noticing the lack of adequate attention on this seeming trivial but extremely crucial aspect, sometimes, sadly even from professionals. The quality of the subfloor (the floor on which the wood/laminate floor will be installed) greatly determines how the floor will look and feel after installation.

New Trends for 2010

Satinder Chawla

Recently come back from a visit to the Mecca of wood flooring ‘Western Europe’! Would have been a very cold one (it is always sub zero this time of the year) but for the warmth of the latest wood floor collections!

What I observed was a completely new trend emerging in terms of colours. Although I could see the same starting last year but it was more pronounced and established this year. Dark Wenges, browns seem now to be a part instead of being everywhere and a new wave of soothing pastels (browns, beiges, greys) seem to have caught fancy! What a refreshing change..

Thank you

Satinder Chawla

From the bottom of our hearts, the Span floors team thanks all the customers, Architects and designers and all our vendors all over the world and in India for the wonderful 2009 and wishes a great 2010 ahead! In many ways 2009 was monumental year at Span floors. The launch of world’s first customized wooden flooring, Industry’s first annual sale, First ever workshop on wood flooring and other such events kept all of us excited and busy the year round at Span floors.

What is span floors producing??

Satinder Chawla

Well, that question came into the mind while I was doing a specialized course on how to structure an organization so that it produces enhanced value for it’s customers??

The specific question that I had to answer for myself was what is our organization’s final product that could be exchanged for money with it’s customers.. Well we are and have been selling wooden floors for quite a while now and the answer was simple ‘wood floors’ what else?? However, when I got into it a little deeper what I discovered was that what the customers wanted was a “Well installed wooden floor that they enjoy over a period of time” and not simply a good wood floor.

Business and ethics

Satinder Chawla

Today I share a subject very close to my heart!

Ethics and words like these were just that; ‘words’ for me, practised by great people but away from the life of a commoner like me.. Never bothered or needed to look deeply ever till an event a few years back. I had just returned from a dinner and was preparing for sleep. Got a knock on the main door..around midnight! As I opened the door, I saw my aunt and cousin outside crying hysterically. Sobbing she told me that my dad and my cousin (her son) who were coming back from Shimla from a business tour, have had an accident. I tried to console her saying everything will be ok and even if they were hurt badly, they will recover. Little did I realise that she was in a shock as my father had expired and she did not want to disclose it to me suddenly.

Solid or engineered? What to choose…

Satinder Chawla

Engineered hardwood floors have been a recent entrant to the market. Till now most of the real wood flooring that has been sold in our market was Solid. Lately a lot of customers have been asking this question.. Which is better? Thought I must write a blog on this to bring out the real facts and try to clear the air.

Let’s first understand the composition of each. Solid wood is just that…a flooring plank made out of a solid piece of wood, tongue and groove created on either side and surface finished (natural/stained) with a suitable protective coat (Polyurethane/Lacquer/Oil). The wood is seasoned to suitable moisture content for increased stability. Coming to engineered flooring, this product is once again made of real wood (contrary to some misconception that it is not real – basically a perception generated by the word ‘engineered’). The basic difference is the plank construction hence the word ‘engineered’.

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