The Flooring Industry and Environmental Damage

Satinder Chawla

The world is shifting every year toward being more environmentally conscious and protective. Regardless of where you live, it is important to be a global citizen, aware of how your consumer behaviors impact the environment. A project that may be simple, such as adding new flooring to your home or building, has the power to contribute positively or negatively to the planet. Here is how the flooring industry has had major effects on flooding in Southeast Asia.

The flooring industry is closely linked to the environment. Wood flooring is one of the most popular elements to renovations and new construction. Wood is also a potentially renewable resource, which is positive. However, in order for wood to be renewable, the process of acquiring wood from forests needs to be responsible and sustainable.

Unfortunately, many groups and regions that participate in the lumber industry do not follow these sustainable practices. Deforestation can be done in multiple ways. When it is done with the environment in mind, it is done slowly, strategically, retaining some of the trees in a region while removing others. This type of tree harvesting simulates natural deforestation which has been occurring in nature for thousands of years. For example, when a thunderstorm with high winds ravages a forested area, often trees fall. But in the aftermath forests rebound as is the natural cycle of our planet.

Managing Large Projects with Complete Ease of Mind

Satinder Chawla

Are you in the middle of a renovation or construction project? The word project is exactly what describes a large-scale build or update.

From the beginning of the project where the vision emerges to the end, where the finishing touches are added, there are hundreds of decisions to be made.

When your project is moving ahead at full force, the time to make thoughtful design decisions isn’t available. Customers may end up making hasty decisions they later regret.

Span Floors knows that you are not just shopping for the best flooring, you’re managing a large project. You have demands coming from all directions and deadlines to meet. That’s why we offer design guidance and consulting from our flooring experts.

A cleaner wood floor, faster!

Satinder Chawla

A quick update..

We have just invested in a super fast, specialist wood floor cleaning machine. The machine does a fantastic job – it cleans the dirtiest of floors (super) fast and saves the precious time!

Formaldehyde and wood floors

Satinder Chawla


I share with you a very important Tech Update issued by NWFA a few days ago via our newest initiative ‘The Span Floors Educational Series Email Campaigns’. We had sent out one on the same to all our beloved customers as well as the respected professional community (Designers, Trade). Our website home page also displays it prominently for the next few days for you to see, if you missed it.

A perfect floor, delivered!

Satinder Chawla

At Span floors, this is sentence we aim to hear to hear every day!

Just like a near perfect burger being delivered at McDonalds at thousands of outlets all over the world, Span floors intends the same with it’s floors. Over the years, our customers in Delhi/NCR, where we provide a complete end to end solution (from product selection guidance to Installation to maintenance AMC), have come to expect a level of service from us.

We are on facebook now!

Satinder Chawla

A quick update.Span floors is officially on Facebook & Twitternow! It is one more way to share what is happening at our end and being even more in touch with our beloved customers and patrons.

Wood & moisture

Satinder Chawla

Since nationally the popularity of wood flooring is rising exponentially (we see more and more homes, offices, hotels, shops etc installing it) and wood floors being rather a new subject for us as Indians (India has been traditionally a stone and tiles market because of availability), it is important that we get to know it a bit more..

The span floors amc

Satinder Chawla


I write this blog to introduce another first from your favourite Designer Wood Flooring co. – The Span Floors Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). Once again, it is the stakeholders – Architects, Customers and the Trade, who pushed us to come out with this first as well. Numerous requests have led us to formulate one!

Designers, let your imagination fly!

Satinder Chawla

Being at cutting edge of the wood flooring business for over 10 years, I thought I had seen it all. We were working with the best of the best cos. globally, had the best of their best collections in stock.. What more could I see..To put it honestly, it was getting a little too routine, too expected, if you know what I mean..

The 2010 that was…

Satinder Chawla

Another year goes by. But just not another one at Span floors.

As always, we did loads of exciting stuff this year too!Before I come to that, I would like to share a very important Strategic initiative that started bearing fruit this year. The year saw Span floors 2 year old foray into direct retailing in the Delhi/NCR market mature. Why we wanted to get into retail in the first place was because of the gap we saw. What we observed was that most players in the market were just selling ‘Wooden flooring’ but our aim at Span floors was different! What we understood that the Customer is not buying just a ‘wood floor’. What he is really after is the ‘Experience of joy’ when he sees his place looking great.

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